Jeanerette's Outstanding Citizen John Boudreaux Sr.

          At most events in Jeanerette, you will find John Boudreaux Sr., quietly working behind the scenes. Boudreaux said that he was shocked when he learned he was selected as this year’s Outstanding Citizen by the Jeanerette Chamber of Commerce.

            “I enjoy giving to the community and making sure that young people get involved,” he said. “Without them we have no future.”

            Boudreaux himself began volunteering as a young man helping older people.

            “I like to help people in need,” he said. “It’s a blessing to help somebody.”

            Boudreaux enjoys making sure things get done by working with many organizations in the community. His work, however, would not be possible without the support and help of his family standing beside him, he added.          


        Boudreaux currently serves as a board member of the Iberia Parish Recreation and Playground Commission.He also serves on the Community Emergency Response Team and is a member of the Jeanerette Historic Preservation Foundation.  His faith has led him to serve for 20 years as a member of the Knights of Columbus and as a volunteer in many capacities for St. John the Evangelist church.

            Boudreaux is a past member of the Jeanerette Museum Board, Jeanerette Chamber of Commerce, served as vice president of JRDA and has served for 17 years as a Jeanerette Volunteer Fireman.

            Boudreaux’s goals for the future are to bring businesses back into the community to keep the city growing. He also hopes that future generations will take the lead and volunteer to help others.

John Boudreaux Sr.

          “I believe we should lead by example,” he said.

            Boudreaux’s family includes his wife, Karen Lancon Boudreaux and children Tiffany Meche and John Boudreaux Jr.